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  • Vendors so

    Vendors so

    Vendors.so helps independent sellers create online shops and connect them to buyers near them

  • Alessandro Vozza

    Alessandro Vozza

    Full time Cloud Pirate, software engineer at Microsoft, public speaker, community organiser and mentor. Opinions are mine’s, facts are facts.

  • Jihad Benabra

    Jihad Benabra

    3x Kubernetes | #CKAD | #CKA | #CKS

  • Daniel Megyesi

    Daniel Megyesi

    Tech enthusiast, systems engineer

  • Sebastien Goasguen

    Sebastien Goasguen

    @sebgoa, Kubernetes lover, R&D enthusiast, co-Founder of TriggerMesh, O’Reilly author, sports fan, husband and father…

  • Patrick Picard

    Patrick Picard

    Sr. Cloud Consultant

  • Javier Ramos

    Javier Ramos

    Certified Java Architect/AWS/GCP/Azure/K8s: Microservices/Docker/Kubernetes, AWS/Serverless/BigData, Kafka/Akka/Spark/AI, JS/React/Angular/PWA @JavierRamosRod

  • Daniele Fontani

    Daniele Fontani

    working hard to build a better tomorrow

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